Bloom Local Food Fund is a place-based social impact fund designed to build sustainable and inclusive rural communities with a thematic focus on sustainable food systems and agriculture. The fund is founded on the belief there is an opportunity to invest in scaleable local enterprises and projects, while delivering generative financial returns and achieving positive, measurable impacts in communities.

Equity & debt fund

Patient and flexible capital

Focused on Eastern Ontario

Investment Focus


We focus on the investment stages where we can bring massive impact with our expertise, particularly Seed to Series A.


We specialize in food system investments that have impact ingrained in their business models, including ag-tech, food production / processing, and infrastructure enablers such as physical infrastructure, energy production and storage.


We are headquartered in Prince Edward County, Canada and prioritize investments in local companies in Southeastern Ontario and projects positively impacting the region.

Impact Focus

From origination to exit, our investments are focused on businesses where impact is engrained within the business model of the company.

Area of land under sustainable production (direct or indirect through sourcing via investees)

Volume & value of food produced

Number of jobs created and retained in the food system

economic development

Number of sustainable enterprises supported

energy consumption

Sustainable energy consumption by investees

Fund Terms

Please contact us for additional details on the terms of the fund.

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SVX is a nonprofit, diversified financial services firm driving impact for investors, organizations, funds, and enterprises. SVX provides knowledge and insights, design strategies and products, manage funds, and operates a platform for raising impact capital and making impact investments.

SVX is registered with securities regulators as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD). The company has partners and operations across Canada, as well as in the US , Mexico, and Colombia.

Upper Canada Equity Fund (UCEF) is an early-stage equity investment fund headquartered in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada that invests in pursuit of financial and social returns.

Unlike traditional venture capital firms that often work towards the sale of a company to gain a return, Upper Canada Equity Fund deploys patient capital through a unique private-public investment model with the goal of building enterprises that boost rural economic diversification and contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals.